August ’19 Wrap-up and Book Haul (+ an Unhaul)

Hello, friends! Another month has come to an end. We’re in the last stretch of 2019. The days aren’t sweltering hot anymore, I’ve already burned a pumpkin-scented candle and had my first taste of the seasonal drinks at Starbucks. I’m dreaming about autumn as I type this… *sigh*

Like last month, August was another good reading month for me. The fact that I’m not reviewing in-depth every single book I read has helped a lot. I did have a lot of ARCs and eARCS for August, so I definitely reviewed those individually (which I will link below).

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Recent Disappointing Reads (+ Mini Reviews #2)

Well, this is something else. If you don’t like to read negative reviews, I suggest you turn away now. 😛 No one is sadder than I am for not liking these books, especially since a lot of people I follow raved about them. Alas!

Also, there may be spoilers so… You’ve been warned!

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