Top 10 Tuesday: Book-to-Screen Adaptations I Want

A weekly blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

We all have our own unique opinion on what makes a good book adaptation. I don’t watch a lot of TV (I don’t have cable), but I do have a few streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime. However, I find myself sinking into a book rather than a TV show and surely I’m not the only one?

I will say that once the pandemic started and I was working from home, I binged a show called “Call the Midwife” since it was available on Netflix. I don’t regret it because the show is so good.

Anyway, we’re not here to talk about my personal TV habits (as Isabelle from Animal Crossing remind us).

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Top 10 Tuesday: Books That Ought to Be on Screen


A weekly blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

Initially, I started this post as a “Books to Movies” theme, but the more I thought about it, the more I think so many good books would make great TV series, too, because I feel like TV series has the chance to explore the characters and story more.

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Review: “The Dark Days Club” by Alison Goodman

I pulled this book from my TBR jar (which just grew by 13 books recently, hehe). I devoured this book. I probably say that often, but I don’t know how else to describe how amazing a book is that I finish it within a matter of days, but also don’t want it to end! Ahhhh!

This book also made me realize how much I love Regency fiction, and the fact that it’s YA makes it all the better!

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