March ’20 Wrap-up and Book Haul!

Can I just say that March has been such a weird time? The coronavirus has affected almost everyone at this point. I’ve been telecommuting for over two weeks now. To say there aren’t perks of working from home would be a lie. I like being able to just roll out of bed and still wear by pajamas while checking my work e-mails. I’m pretty sure my dog Ollie is both happy and confused as to why I’m saying home every day, lol. But telecommuting also has its challenges. For me, that’s mainly the motivation to actually do work. But that’s another story. 😛

Anyway! March is finally behind us. Did it seem to last a really long time to you or was that just me? 😜 One of the funnest things I’ve done this month is attend the North Texas Teen Book festival, which is where a large portion of this month’s book haul comes from.

So…let’s get to it!

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ARC Review: “The Lucky Ones” by Liz Lawson

I picked up this book from the publisher’s booth while attending the North Texas Teen Book Festival in March 2020. (I also had a chance to meet the author and get the ARC signed! How fun!)

Anyway, I figured that I would post some more informal reviews. If you’ve seen my reviews from the past (outside of the mini-reviews), you’ve seen they follow a pretty strict format. While I initially started doing that to help put my thoughts together, I sometimes found it constricting. Since I haven’t been posting a lot of reviews on my blog in general, I find that I’m posting short, concise reviews on Goodreads as soon as I finish the book. For the time being, I’m going to post them on my blog too. You may find more formal reviews mixed in but for right now, this is helping me keep the blog going and feeling like I’m actually contributing.

Sorry for that long disclaimer!

Content warnings: Depression, PTSD, panic/anxiety attack, school shooting scenario

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