June ’20 Wrap-up and (No) Book Haul!

Yay, we made it through the first half of 2020! To say it’s not gone as people expected would probably be an understatement. 😅 But hey, at least it’s all down from here.

I felt like June was really slow, but was surprised to see I’ve read a total of 6 books. I really thought it was less. Not that it matters really… I’m still on track to finish my goal of reading 100 books this year.

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Review: “The Paper Girl of Paris” by Jordyn Taylor

Actual rating:3.5 stars

Content warnings: PTSD, depression, anti-Semitism

I saw this book come up randomly on my Twitter, and I was instantly intrigued by the synopsis and the cover. I wasn’t quite sure where this book was going to take me, but it’s a wonderful historical fiction novel that centers around a young French women who works for a resistance group in Nazi-occupied Germany and her great-niece 70 years later.

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