ARC Review: “Sisters of Sword and Song” by Rebecca Ross

I picked up this book from the publisher’s booth at the North Texas Teen Book Festival in March 2020.

Oh man, this book was surprisingly good. So soft and gentle. Fierce and loyal. I was afraid I wouldn’t like it because I didn’t care for Ross’s previous series. This book was such a pleasant surprise.

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ARC Review: “Diamond City” by Francesca Flores

I won a free ARC in a giveaway from Goodreads!

I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets really excited about a book, fortune shines down upon her so much that she won an ARC, and then you read it and you’re like… Well, okay then. Alas, that was me with Diamond City. I really liked the whole idea of the book, but I think this is a moment where it’s not the book, it’s me.

Content warning: Addiction, substance abuse, self-harm (The magic system includes blood magic, meaning a character has to harm themselves in order to use magic.)

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