ARC Review: “Wicked Saints” by Emily A. Duncan

Yes, hello. I know I’m on a hiatus, but after finishing Wicked Saints I thought it was best to post a review here on my blog (which I will also cross-post to Goodreads).

While on my hiatus, I’ve been trying to catch up with the older ARCs that have been sitting on my shelves for a while. WS was one of those books. It’s been touted as being dark and gothic, mimicking Bardugo’s Shadow and Bone trilogy.

Trigger warning: self-harm || I am a recovered self-harmer and have been for 9 years. Yet this book did me no favors in this area. I was shocked when I skimmed Goodreads to see there were hardly any trigger warnings for this.

Due to the nature of the trigger warning, this review is NOT spoiler-free.

I won this book from a giveaway. Thank you, Wednesday Books, for providing a free copy. All quotes are taken from the ARC and may have changed in the final copy.

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Review: “An Enchantment of Ravens” by Margaret Rogerson

Wow, oh wow, was I pleasantly surprised by this gem of a book. I have to admit that I’m not immediately drawn to stories involving Fae, as there’s a 50/50 change I’ll either like it or hate it. But I was waiting for some audiobooks from the library and An Enchantment of Ravens popped up in my head. I’ve heard some people rave about it while others didn’t really like it. I figured I ought to take the plunge myself and it’s safe to say… I really enjoyed it!

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OwlCrate’s “Finale” Unboxing!

It’s been a long time since I’ve done an unboxing, but I’m excited to reveal the items in OwlCrate’s “Finale” special edition box! This is the first time I’ve bought a special edition box of any kind. They’re more expensive than a regular subscription, but the items are so beautiful, I found it totally worth it.

Of course, if you haven’t received your box, this post contains spoilers!

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Review: “War Storm” by Victoria Aveyard


I wish I knew how to start off this review, but the truth is, this series went downhill with each book. I thought it had great potential. When I reread the first and second book to prep myself for the latter two, I liked the books more the second time around. While I did enjoy King’s Cage to an extent, I already had mixed feelings going into the final book because I heard so many conflicting opinions.

This review may contain spoilers. Read at your own risk.

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ARC Review: “We Hunt the Flame” by Hafsah Faizal

Happy Monday, friends! (If a Monday can be called that.) I’m so excited to share my review of We Hunt the Flame with you! This is one of my most anticipated books of the year, and I was thrilled to be able to pick up an ARC from this year’s North Texas Teen Book Festival back in March! A huge thank you to the Fierce Reads team for handing them out!

All quotes are taken from the ARC and may change in the final, published copy.

Content warning: physical and verbal abuse, (mention of) suicide

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Review: “King’s Cage” by Victoria Aveyard

You know, I really want to like this series more than I…don’t. It really has everything I love in a fantasy novel, and the concept of book is fantastic. But I’ve struggled with this series since book 1 (re-read Red Queen and gave it a higher rating than my previous one) and each book just feels average to me, though there are definitely parts I liked.

Hopefully this doesn’t sound like me just complaining.

This review may contain spoilers for the previous books.

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