Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Books I’d Buy Right Now with a LOADED Gift Card

Or otherwise known as…

shut up and take my money


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This topic was so fun to do! As much as I love reading, no one has ever given me a fully loaded gift card. As a matter of fact, I have a separate Amazon wish list for books but it doesn’t matter since every year for Christmas, I maybe get only about 3 books. Everything else just goes on the back burner unless I see it on sale. XD

Any who, I may have cheated a bit but… 😀

jane austen set

So I could make this count as 7 separate books but doing this has a set… ❤ I own all of Austen’s books but a few years ago, I had a fire in my apartment building which destroyed half of my book collection (at the time). Fortunately, these are saved but they have some fire damage and I’ve just never gotten around to buying a new copies. I would love to own this gorgeous cloth-bound set! It’s so gorgeous!

how to be a victorian

I know, right? This book? Yessss. I love anything Victorian. It’s one of my favorite periods in British history. I have a few non-fiction books on Queen Victoria herself. Getting this book a now brainer but I haven’t found it in many bookstores. Anyways, a far-reaching dream of mine would be to write a book set in Victorian England but I need to do a bit more research and who knows, this could be the first step! Haha!

harry potter british

I would absolutely LOVE to own the British edition of Harry Potter. You know, I went to England about three years ago on my honeymoon but it never crossed my mind to buy the hardback editions of these books! (Can you even imagine how heavy my suitcase would have been? XD ) I know I can probably buy these editions now but can you imagine the shipping cost?


You know, I am amazed at how often I do not see graphic novels I love at bookstores. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong stores? Anyways, I read Lumerjanes, Vol 1 a few months ago and absolutely loved it. Since I can’t find the volumes (rarely anywhere but online) I’m slowly accruing the individual comics, which is a bit of a feat since there are almost 30 individual issues. XD Super fun and funny read with two LGBTQ main characters.


By one of the same authors of LumberjanesNimona is a lovely graphic novel about a bad guy and his sidekick. It’s funny and heartwarming. I think anyone of any age could enjoy this book. ❤

sailor moon crystal

Okay, so technically, I know that picture isn’t a book but still… It does relate to one of my favorite manga (which are basically books…but with pictures!). I own Sailor Moon box set 1, and I need box set #2 to complete my collection! And if you’ve been watching Sailor Moon Crystal, I need to talk to someone about it because let’s get serious about the lovely LGBTQ representation in it, please?!

Okay, okay, I’m done now… This is more than 10 books. XD But I would buy all these in a heartbeat!

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