Top Ten Tuesday: Top 10 Books Set in the UK

Does this come as a surprise? I mean, seriously, I have mentioned I’m an Anglophile, right? Haha. XD Technically, you can choose any setting (i.e. on the beach, in a boarding school, etc) but I chose the UK so…here we go!

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Oh, UK. Magical land of enchantment and wonder.

Bath(Throwback to my trip to England in 2013. This is Bath and it was glorious.)

Filled with a country whose national animal is the unicorn (my kind of place!) and whose royal family I like as no other…

the cambridges
(This is an old picture but whatever. Still adorable.)

Anyways! This is about books, right? XD Right.

IMG_5346 2

I haven’t read all these books but they all take place in the UK.

The Falconer actually takes place in 1800 Scotland so I’m seriously knocking out two birds with one stone. XD If you haven’t read it, please do! It’s historical fiction with a dash of steampunk and an awesome female character. Then go read the sequel! (My review for it can be found here.)

Gosh, if you haven’t read Me Before You, what are you doing with your life? LOL Kidding. Read it and then go watch the movie so you can officially cry your eyes out. 😦

Then if you like classics, go read all these because you won’t be disappointed. Barney wrote  years before Austen did (which was more of a shock because she’s also a woman). Jane Eyre and North and South were written in the 1800s and deal with different social issues than Austen or Burney.

2016-05-16 12.15.58

How could I forget Harry Potter? I can’t, really. I’ve still met people who haven’t read the books (*coughmyhusbandcough*) but if you don’t think you can read the books, audiobooks are amazing things! Someone is actually telling you the story.

Okay, so this was more than ten books but still! It’s all or nothing over here! XD

Now another throwback picture…

red phone booth
(Just making my way to the Ministry of Magic. As one does.)

Any other books that take place in the UK that I should be aware of? I mean, there’s really SO MANY but you know. 😀

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