Top 5 Wednesday: Books I Disliked But Love to Discuss

Here’s the truth: I don’t actually discuss a lot about the books I disliked. They become a distant memory in my mind. Mainly because I didn’t like them! 🤭 But if someone were to ask me why I didn’t like a particular book, I don’t mind saying why. That’s discussing, right?

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly blog meme started by Goodreads. You can check out the rest of January’s topics and keep an eye out for February’s here.

Technically, Uprooted was a DNF (did not finish) for me. I think I managed to read half or 1/3 before I decided it wasn’t for me. Simply couldn’t understand why the ‘Dragon’ was so mean to the main character while there also seemed to be a budding romance between the two? How? Why? *shrugs*

I’m surprised I managed to finish Wink Poppy Midnight. This was a complete cover read. The synopsis sounded intriguing, too, but goodness me! What the heck happened inside? Poppy, one of the main characters, does some awful stuff, and whines like the privileged rich girl she is. I’m so over that.

Two more books that people seem to love. I always wonder, when people love a book and I don’t, if we read the same book. 😂 But I guess it just goes to show you that everyone has different tastes. One of my main problems with Our Chemical Hearts is one of the MCs actually needed (in my non-professional opinion) actual psychological help for what happened to her.

I for sure thought A Shadow Bright and Burning would be an instant like for me. Haha. Nope. Didn’t like the MC at all. I was left with a lot of questions, too.

I wanted to like both of these so much. When I first started out on bookstagram, these were two of the most popular books I saw. I even managed to read The Elite, book 2 of The Selection series, but alas… They’re definitely not for me. Why am I surprised? It’s like The Bachelor but set in a dystopian society. The setting was vague, too. Sure, the U.S. but…what happened to everything else?

I listened to The Wrath and the Dawn via audiobook. I keep telling myself that maybe I’d like it more if I read the physical book, but I just don’t know. I questioned a lot of things… But I’m completely unmotivated to read book 2 in the series. *shrugs*

All right. So I threw that last one in there as a bonus, lol. Feel free to leave your links in the comments! I promise I’ll try not to dislike you if you disliked a book I love!

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