Non-bookish Post #2: Life!

Okay, so semi-monthly non-bookish posts are okay, right? I’ll just file this under my “random” category. 🙂

I always find it refreshing to see who is behind the screen. I feel a deeper connection with them so…here I am! I won’t be offended if you completely ignore this post but hey, I hope you don’t. 😛

Honestly, I get anxious talking about my life to complete strangers. (Basically to the masses when you’re a blogger and stuff is on the Internet!) Maybe that’s an introvert problem. When I was in college, on the first day of classes the professor would ask us to introduce ourselves by just stating our name, maybe our age, our major, and if it was a writing class, the genre we like to write.


And because I’m an introvert, I recite everything I’m going to say in my head a billion times before it’s my turn. I also count how many people are ahead of me so I can be extra prepared. I still do this.

Like when I’m at a restaurant and my turn to order is coming up. Then when the waiter/waitress asks you what you want as a side, freak out because you weren’t prepared for that!

Maybe that’s only me? *shrugs*

So I’ve counted and I have 27 work days left. That doesn’t include weekends which basically means I have less than 1 month until I’m off for summer vacation. And truthfully, I need a vacation. Work was oddly stressful for a while. To the point where I would come home and complain to my husband, which I rarely ever do nor do I ever want to do but alas. But now work has smoothed out and slowed down. I’m grateful.

Yet I still feel this urge to get out of town. To leave and maybe never come back. (Granted, I had this same feeling when I graduated high school and also when I graduated college–two bigs things in my life so…maybe something big is about to happen?) I have a case of wanderlust, as they call it. I’ve looked at hundreds of places to vacation in July where it isn’t over 110 degrees every single day (thanks, Oklahoma! NOT!) but I’m falling short because… Husband and I are being adults and being adults mean paying off debt. UGH. But I will say that we are several steps closer to managing our debt than we were, say, last month. Trust me, that’s a big deal.

So my dream to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is put on hold. In the meantime, I think a beach sounds quite lovely.


Throwing it back to South Padre Island in 2010. So long ago. 6 years! 😮 I’m so old.

What is fun though, is that I’ve been working on my novel almost every single day. That’s a feat. It’s a novel I wrote for NaNoWriMo a few years ago. The thumb drive I stored both my novels on decided to quit working so here I am, rewriting both of them. Which isn’t as bad as you think because I was smart and printed out the entirety of both of them for major editing purposes. And I say fun because what I’m working on now as taken a completely different turn just because my character made one decision. Now I have all these ideas in my head and my main character won’t stop talking to me.

That’s a good thing, I promise. It means I have more of her story to write, more to tell and say. But that also means my other book is on hold until I can finish this. My goal is, by the end of the summer, I will have draft 1 complete and do another major editing process myself and in the meantime, perhaps look for some beta readers. So…anyone wanna beta read? 🙂

In terms of reading I have tens of books on my TBR pile but that’s not new. A few to read for publishers from which is always fun. Then I think I’ll conquer a few books on my bookshelf–begin weeding out the books I really enjoyed versus the ones I can live without (them on my shelves, that is). It might mean that I may not have to buy another bookshelf but that’ll be pushing it. XD

Happy Sunday! Tell me about your life! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Non-bookish Post #2: Life!

  1. Suze says:

    Great post, it’s nice to get to know more about the person behind the blog. I hope you’ll have a lovely holiday and Harry Potter will still be there in a few years. With less debt you might even enjoy it more :).

    And the writing is fabulous, good luck with it. It sounds great and when you’re in such a good flow it’s a wonderful thing to do. Have fun!

    Liked by 1 person

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