Top 10 Tuesday: Books with Long Titles

A weekly meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This may be somewhat of a subjective topic/theme. Whose to say what’s long to me is long to someone else? I think there are definitely a few titles that immediately come to mind for a lot of readers, though. I guess we’ll see for sure… 😉

I mean, is this the book series that came to everyone’s mind? lol I know a lot of the fandom rioted when the 4th book didn’t have the typical A Court of _________ and _________ (nor were they happy with the cover change… but that’s a long discussion for another day). From my viewpoint, I like to look at it as a new series since the book doesn’t revolve around Feyre, but rather her older sister, Nesta.

How could I not include one of my favorite series of all time? And can we take a moment to appreciate how beautiful these covers look altogether? Also, this is me just noticing that Laia and Elias are the only two on Ember and Sky. Is this Sabaa telling us they’re end game even though Laia is basically holding a scythe? Too many theories!

Why is it that every single one of these covers are so beautiful? The the covers from the series I mentioned above have practically the same color scheme? I’m not complaining. They’re just so beautiful! And to be honest, thinking about this series makes me a little sad. The author toured in a city near me (okay, a three hour drive away but whatever) for AHSFaB’s release and it was one of the last author events I went to before the pandemic hit. Truthfully, and I’m sure we all feel this, the hardest part about this pandemic is not being to attend author events in person. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the fact that the virtual tours allow a lot more people to attend events, especially those who don’t have the privilege to go to many in-person ones. I just…miss seeing an author and telling them in person how much I love their books.

Is this also me just secretly trying to throw in all the titles of books I like? Why yes, yes it is.

Okay, I’m definitely over the ten book limit now, so I’m just going to stop now.

Leave your T10T below and I’ll be sure to check it out! I’d love to see even more books with long titles, lol.

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