March’s Most Anticipated Release!

Guys. It’s March. (Well, it’s halfway through March but…) Not only does that that bring the  spring season, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter, it also brings this…

The Winner's Kiss

The Winner’s Kiss by Marie Rutkoski, the final book in The Winner’s Curse trilogy!

And you know what? My heart can’t handle it. I’m on the edge of my seat in anticipation, and I’m pretty sure my heart will explode, and all the feels will happen. It’s true. I unashamedly gave the first book 4 stars, and the second one a 5-star rating which I rarely give but The Winner’s Crime was flawless. Truth.

I read this series last year, and loved it. Truthfully, there aren’t many series I fall head over heels for, but this is one of them. The covers are gorgeous!

The Winner's Curse
Normally, I don’t care for covers with fancy dresses (Anna Godbersen’s Luxe series was kind of a let down) but I found this series at my local library (my best friend) and once I finished book 1, I picked up book 2 immediately afterwards!

The Winner's Crime

I had such a fun time finding things to pair with the books! They’re so gorgeous in and of themselves so I chose simple items.

This series is a young adult high fantasy series that tells the story of Kestrel and Arin. Kestrel purchases Arin one day during a slave auction, but instantly regrets it, experiencing something called “the winner’s curse” (which is a real thing, I had to look it up XD ). As the two spend  more time together, Kestrel realizes she’s falling in love with him but the two are enemies; her nation of Valoria conquered his nation of Herran. Kestrel is also the general’s daughter, the man who made Herran bow on its knees in honor of the Valorian emperor.

But Arin has a secret, and he can’t seem control his growing feelings for the general’s daughter. Soon, the two are trapped in a game of life and death, and neither are sure where exactly their loyalties lie.

Seriously, if you love strong female protagonists, a slow burning romance, and games of wit and intrigue, you’ll love The Winner’s Trilogy!

If you’ve followed news about The Winner’s Trilogy, you may remember a few months ago, when the publisher announced they planned to change the cover of the final book, The Winner’s Kiss, and also change the paperbacks, too. This meant that the final hardback edition would not match the original covers. The paperbacks, however, would be rereleased to reflect the new cover changes. The publishers reasoning was that they wanted the cover change to target a “wider audience.”

The new covers look like this:

Well, there was downright outrage at the cover change. Many people, including myself, were upset that our hardcover sets would not match with the release of the final book. Many people also thought the book covers looked strikingly similar to Sarah J. Maas’s wonderful Throne of Glass series. I was among the hundreds (if not thousands) of people who begged for the publisher to change the hardcover back to its original cover (the red dress on the US edition).

And guys, you won’t believe it, but they listened. A few days later, the publishers announced they would keep the original covers for the hardbacks but release the new covers for the paperbacks! Gah! I, along with hundreds of others, was ecstatic! It really just goes to show that book lovers care about detail (and we’re such sticklers for matching covers) and that even a large publishing company will listen to their audience!

Needless to say though, Marie Rutkoski reminded us that authors have little to no say in cover designs for their books (which is kind of sad, in my opinion).


Expect a review of The Winner’s Kiss soon after it releases (on March 29). Also, Marie Rutkoski will be at a book festival called North Texas Teen Book Festival at the end of April and I hope to meet her and get all three of the books signed! 🙂 In the meantime, I torture myself by finding beautiful edits on Pinterest…


You can check out my review for The Winner’s Curse here and for The Winner’s Crime here.

Have you read The Winner’s Trilogy? What book is your favorite?

What book are you most excited for in March?

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