OwlCrate’s July 2017 “Wanderlust” Unboxing!

Oh my word, it’s a miracle! I’m actually getting this out decently early instead of close to the end of the month, haha! That never happens, but unfortunately, a lot of the book blogging memes I normally do don’t have topics that interest me. :/ I’m also sad to report that OwlCrate’s July box was one of my least favorite boxes.

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FairyLoot’s May 2017 Unboxing!

I’m so sorry this is incredibly late! I think the June boxes have already gone out and people have already received them. While I didn’t get a June box, I still haven’t share the May box with you guys. I’ve pushed aside writing this actual post, mainly because I’ve spent most of my spare time editing the fourth draft of my book or playing Horizon Zero Dawn on the PS4 (which is really great. Maybe I’ll do a game review? Not sure. :P).

Anyway… Here we go!

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NerdyPost’s May 2017 Unboxing!

When I saw NerdyPost’s May theme was Sarah J. Maas, I knew without question I needed this box! I’ve gotten a handful of NP boxes since it’s birth last year in June, and each box gets better and better. With the release of A Court of Wings and Ruin, the last of the ACoTaR series, I knew this box would be hot!

I wasn’t disappointed at all, and this might be one of my favorite boxes. Let’s get to it!

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FairyLoot’s March Unboxing!

When FairyLoot sent out their monthly newsletter to announce the theme of March’s box, I had to get a box! I’ve crept most of the new releases for the next few months that I actually had a good idea what the book was…and yes, I was right (and I wasn’t disappointed).

Now this is my 2nd FairyLoot box, and while it wasn’t my favorite, the quality of items are top notch, and persuades me even more to keep getting the box despite the $50 price tag (I live in the U.S. which makes shipping fairly expensive as FairyLoot is based in the U.K.)

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FairyLoot’s February Unboxing!

Ahhhhh! I’m so excited to share my very first FairyLoot box with you all! I’ve heard amazing things about FairyLoot but have been hesitant to buy because the shipping is a bit pricey for the US and brings the box’s price to $50! Being an OwlCrate girl but needing a subscription box, I decided to take the plunge by skipping an OwlCrate in order to buy FairyLoot.

Well, I wasn’t disappointed! In fact, I loved every single thing in FairyLoot’s box! That rarely happens. Sometimes there will be an item from OwlCrate that I’m not fond of and mostly because I can’t get any use out of the item (especially jewelry since I don’t wear a lot), but I’m glad to say I’ve already used items from FairyLoot!

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NerdyPost’s December Unboxing!

Ah, I feel like I’m super late posting this! I try to wait at least two weeks after getting the box so there’s no spoilers or anything. I believe we’re safe now. 🙂

If you don’t know about NerdyPost, it’s a monthly subscription box filled with hand lettered designs based on certain fandoms. This is actually the third NerdyPost box I’ve bought and I haven’t been disappointed! The theme for December was “Fantastic Beasts.” It’s so fitting since the movie released at the end of November (I saw it twice! <3), and to say I was excited for this box is an understatement!

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OwlCrate’s December Unboxing!

OwlCrate’s December’s box theme was “epic” and I really think they hit the mark on this. Not only did they provide gorgeous bookish items from great fantasy series like The Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia, we also received a gorgeous copy of Of Fire and Stars, a story of a princess betrothed to a prince only to fall in love with the prince’s sister. I’m so thrilled to add this book to my collection.

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November’s Nerdy Post Unboxing!

Nerdy Post is a monthly subscription box filled with beautiful handwritten calligraphy items. November’s theme was classic novels, and the English major in me squealed with delight and had to get the box! I received the debut box, Hogwarts, back in June. You can read my unboxing post of that here.

I may have only received two boxes but I think this one might win out above the Hogwarts box!

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